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If Aristotle Ran General Motors

The Body Keeps the Score

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Creative Loss and Greatness

The Soul of Civility: Cover Unveiling!

Transforming Tragedy into Triumph: Lessons from Christine di Pisan, Europe's first female professional writer

How to turn tragedy into triumph

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Finding stillness in a world of perpetual motion

The "un-selfing" imperative

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Surprised by Death

François Fénelon on prolonged trials

Life as a marathon, not a race

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Celebrating John Stuart Mill Month + an exciting announcement

How to be civil in an uncivil world

Is leisure the secret of civilization?

What does it mean to be human?

Exploring love with Peter Abélard and Héloïse

When does an intellectual failing become a moral one? Bonhoeffer's theory of stupidity

Are Ancient Languages Necessary?

On the Proper Use of Suffering

Lessons from Saladin on Civility in Times of War

The Society of the Spectacle

Can we save Socrates? An invitation

Lessons from Star Wars on love, life, and The Great Conversation

Civic Renaissance's 2021 Year in Review: How the power of ideas can help us lead better lives in 2022

Happy birthday to Montesquieu! Lessons on human nature from America's unofficial Founding Father, born 333 years ago today

The human condition, transcending the material, and the perils of "technique": Kahlil Gibran and Jacques Ellul in dialogue