To love any country, it means to recognize oneself as part of a shared political and moral community (I'm thinking of Stoic cosmopolitanism here). But to love America, it means pledging allegiance to the greatest and most cutting-edge modern constitutional republic in human history. Just my own thoughts; thanks for another thought-provoking article!

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Alexandra, this was really good. And as another Canadian-American who’s Dad’s family is from Windsor, Happy Dominion Day & Independence Day to you as well!

I love the ideas that percolate from the notion of modern mythology. I feel like it’s that faith in a unifying mythology that we kinda know is probably hyperbole but choose to accept anyways that defines us. It’s the shared dissonance, not the certainty of the acts or deeds themselves.

Anyways, it was great reading your work!

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I have been leery of Patriotism for a long time. But your comments have me thinking further.

As regards the best American poem, poet etc. I want to nominate THE PEOPLE, YES by Carl Sandburg. This poem captures the enormous complexity of the People who live the American experience. We are all neighbors in the Biblical sense of the Good Samaritan story.

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Good morn'

Lovely article and succeeds in shedding light on the conscious care and tending to the ongoing crafting of identity - as applied to the personal, group institutional, country and global levels.

I am tethered to Quaker and Unitarian Universalists communities and collaboratively crafting a shared and encouraging identity for these diverse communities is a challenge I am pursuing.

Thank you for such clear writing and navigational tips.

Howard McQueen


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