Kudos to you for being willing to share your own specific struggles to live up to your ethics. I, too, struggle with unbundling negative experiences with others (particularly, authority figures). Thanks for witnessing to the importance of doing so.

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I truly appreciate your words introducing me to the concept of “unbundling”, it was not something I had heard described before but resonates so much with me. I have nothing too specific to share at this time but will work on practicing this concept. Thank you and I wish you all the clarity and strength to move towards unbundling.

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So sorry to hear that you're going through such a frustrating and costly experience.

As for your questions; it's my hope that I encounter everyone this way. I can't think of an example off the top of my head aside from politics (and even then, just general, not specific situations). I like that I'm really surrounded by about 50% of friends + family who agree AND disagree with me. I still love them, but it doesn't affect our relationships, even when we disagree quite strongly. I see them - because I *know* them - as good actors with sincere hearts.

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"Men exist for the sake of one another. Teach them then or bear with them." —Marcus Aurelius

Thanks for sharing your story, Lexi! Hope you are doing well.

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I am just now reading your post. I am so sorry about what you and your family are going through. We had a similar circumstance a couple years ago with the business that put new carpeting and flooring in for us. Unlike The Mold Pros, they DID repair the work not done well and also paid for the damages they had done. I appreciate how well you are thinking this through and handling it. In the situation I described, as well as other situations where I believe we have had harm done to us, I have tried looking at the people as created in the image of God. I have gone back to C.S. Lewis in the Weight of Glory: "There are no ordinary people. You have never talked to a mere mortal". That, I surmise, is how I have "unbundled" people in the past. I will pray for you in this situation. Many Blessings.

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Hello Alexandra,

Bummer situation with your mold problem and then to have it compounded by the unscrupulous tactics of a business firm only exaccerbates the difficulty. Please be firm with them. I like your idea of contacting others. Are you contemplating a class action against them. That may get better results, but I suspect it would lengthen the time in litigation, which only increases the tension.

And Kudos for applying your own values and self critique. All things happen for a reason and being able to discern that reason aids in living a life at peace with self anf others.

Enjoy and benefit from your work - Keep on keeping on.

Love, hank

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Unless people are NAZIS, part of a cult -- like the many funny churches these days -- or INDOCTRINATED as a group as in one way or another like the nazis and the church-cults one just deals with BAD BUSINESS where one has NO REASON to GENERALISE, like one would have GOOD REASONS to do so when one is dealing with INDOCTRINATED PEOPLE -- and then ONLY in that GROUP...

It is easier to deal with experiences experienced with BAD BUSINESS than what it is dealing with those inflicted onto one by INDOCTRINATED morons...

Bad business people you can SORT OUT, but bad INDOCTRINATED morons you can only CUT OUT -- like the cancer's they are...

Bad business is just a 🗣️ headache compared to such issues...

Yours sincere

Pieter J

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I am a litigator who has a number of these kind of cases. Normally the homeowner wins.

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