I agree with your post! Hannah Arendt's comment about birth "the miracle that saves the world" struck a note in me. I always believed that a child's life is SO important, as a sign of how society views children--either as property rights or "made in the image of God". But I see how, as you wrote, "...it supports a free and flourishing society". And I do believe that birth is "a powerful antidote to fatalism and dehumanization so rampant in our day". Thank you for sharing this. I will be praying for your pregnancy and your family. Also your house repairs.

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Thank you, that was beautiful reading !

I agree with you and Hannah Arendt.

In my opinion, a society that insufficiently appreciates human life is a society mislead by darwinism, which is not only non scientific but whose ideas and values are particularly destructive for our society. One cannot appreciate human life when conditioned and subdued by such an ideology.

I believe that human happiness depends on, and will be ensured when humanity abides by the 7 Noahide laws. It implies the acknowledgement that their was a universal flood (about 4100 years ago) and a Creator who gave commandements to the human family, for all time.

Darwinism, the evolutionnist "theory" (hypothesis rather), is incompatible with the truth of creation and human well-being

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As to answer your question, I do believe that everyone can share in the interest of natality as antidote to dehumanization. Just yesterday a little 10 day old soul was brought into our church community as proud parents were showing him off. I couldn't get enough of him - but neither could all my friend's kids! They were oohing and ahhing just as much as the older ladies, describing his perfect and miraculous little features. We immediately felt that this precious and fragile life is our family member. What a beautiful little mystery this compact bundle of 9 lbs is already to our community (of all ages!)! As we love his parents, we already know we will love him.

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Congratulations! Yes, I agree that births are worthy of celebration and that healthy societies rejoice in new life. I believe it is an essential part of the human experience, and I'm noticing the older I get, the more I want to celebrate. There is something so hopeful about pregnancy and the anticipation of a precious baby. I agree that humans are both fragile and resilient. Pregnancy and parenthood are not for faint-hearted, but it's also important for the community to help support and cultivate healthy families.

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Better be careful. You have many years of fertility left.😊

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