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I just found you very recently via the Dwell podcast, and I went from there to finding your book (!) and then found out...no way...she's Judi the Manners Lady's daughter! Too funny... I'm in Langley and have met her on many occasions as we were involved in the same, local homeschooling community.

What a coincidence.

I quite enjoy this topic so of course I am happy to have found you on substack, but also think this could be an excellent time to do a podcast. I can see guests from lawyers, to literature professors (Jessica Hooten Wilson?),theologians or clergy of any sort, historians, people within educational sectors, and of course, writers, all being within the realm of those who would have a lot to say on this topic.

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I am so sorry that you lost your grandmother.

But it sounds like she was quite both an amazing person and soul. :).

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Civil disobedience and civility—that's an interesting connection between the two concepts!

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