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Immediately purchased your effort. To call it a book is so.... I don't know. That label projects a connotation that it belongs with all the rest of them (you know, the 'other books'.) Too many with weird moral compasses off cue, course, direction... Yet, they are part of us. Every human being has the right to write and be heard. BUT, we have what are 'those' efforts' that are 'a light' or better yet, just 'light'.

Thanks so much for all your effort. You write beautiful and eloquently, yet with a sense of passion, intense accuracy and dedication that says - 'Look, we still have it! We can be - CIVI!.'

Even 'eight year old' reader level folks can get it. This I found is crucial if you want to get 'outside the box' - regarding your demographic buyer.. Hey, I want as many people as possible to hear your 'voice'!!

We have allowed tech to dumb us down - many of us - way too man. l know, I am just a hair above the eight grade reading level! Ha!

Mom made me take 'the' Evelyn Woods Speed Reading Course when 11 (1966) . Thank the dear Master she did. Still helps.

Only thing. Don't stop writing.


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