Taking the concept of CR and intertwining it with a model based around leisure is intriguing! I feel somewhat implored though, with your statement, as taken from the Fisherman tale, that there is never a perfect time...is it more that there is never a more perfect time, as you elude to, than the present?

I believe your experience with your home is emblematic of your study in this article and it is certainly something to be valued and admired!

Thank you for your insight and highlighting the various thinkers in your article, I was not familiar with the pieces, but am certainly interested now.

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And so, after another week of my full time job, physical therapy, which I do love because, "Why not love your job?!" I started my 'leisure' by reading what 'research' you did for me this week. Hah! Was not disappointed! I'll email you a short tail of the last 'old' house we restored, and really our last! This was a young one, built in 1895, in a little fishing village, in the Little Finger of Michigan! And thank the Lord, was a hair under 1400 sq ft! And one floor! Only steps are two into the house!! I am dating myself.

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I wrote an article I am proud of and would love your wise and considered interpretations good human 😊


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