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A people, like in Periclean Athens, who have managed to achieve rare heights of cultural & political stability can then create leisure time that cultivates freedom for the development of ideas & technology, which inevitably benefits all others in time. Slavery was a common trait of human existence and every single culture on the planet is guilty of slavery; e.g., Barbary Slave Trade. Hard reality is that primarily technological & mechanical advancement has largely done away with slavery, although certain cultures have had an impact, too; machines & computers are modern slaves. It should be said that many slaves in Classical Antiquity were not just for hard labour. Today, it seems that our technological advancements are so far that an abundance of leisure has produced too much luxury and now people do not interact as often as we used to, very much at all; furthermore, during COVID-19, we're too often being sold a lie that online interaction is equivalent to in-person interaction. A great part of one's leisure time must be going out to see your family & friends and participate in the community!

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