We should remember that during this period, not all people were equal as 'human's. Slaves and women had no rights. If you were not a property owner in Athens, you were not a citizen. Socrates was commanded to drink hemlock, because the gods were not happy. But it was a 'democratic' vote. I love ancient Greek philosophy, there is also great wisdom in mythology, and the antics of the gods and goddesses. But I am cautions about what I take from it.

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Religion is like the 'Procrusean Bed'.

It's victims are made to fit at all and any cost...

Parts of their lives, and minds, are sacrificed for the sake of some system and some preacher or some other type of bigot.

The problem is that people are playing with terms such as sinners, heretics, c_f_rs (also used in racism or racial fascism) and infidels.

These terms are labels that are used by preachers, dumbed-down fools and bigots to label someone as a low-life or a subhuman. Even someone like Aristotle suffered with this syndrome to some degree, and ideologies such as christianism, racism and islamism are based on such bigotry...

This is also the biggest difference between a Socrates and a Jesus (in his biblical myth). Socrates, as far as I know, taught people to think for themselves, while the Jesus of the bible-myth taught that they must believe in him. This is a foundational difference...

This world will never heal when some people groups can be labelled as sinners, c_f_rs, unbelievers, heretics and the like...because such terms are the basis of evils like persecution and even genocide...

All such systems must be abolished if the world is ever going to be normalised...

The following part of Greek Mythology has revealed a lot of understanding into the abovementioned issues...

Quote: '

'Caricature of Procrustes, the infamous serial killer from Greek mythology, and his legendary Procrusean bed. The image comes from a 19th-century German satirical magazine. ( Public domain )

Unknown to his oblivious victims, if they were shorter than the bed, he stretched him by hammering or racking the body to fit. Alternatively, if the victim was longer than the bed, he would cut off their legs to fit. As you can probably understand, in both cases the victim died an unenviable death due to this terrible torture.

Legends of Spring Heeled Jack, the Uncatchable Demon of Victorian England

La Quintrala: Flaming Redhead Serial Killer Evaded Capture

Fortunately, Procrustes was destroyed by his own method by the younger and stronger Theseus, who would later murder the Minotaur of Crete as well. Procrustes is still discussed today thanks to his “Procrustean bed,” which has become proverbial for arbitrarily—and violently—forcing someone or something to fit into an unnatural scheme or pattern.''

Yours sincere

Pieter J (PJ)

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