PS ~ 🥳🎂🎈💐 HAPPY BIRTHDAY❣️ LOVED your Birthday Card❗️😄

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Thank you, Lexi, for another wonderful issue of your beautiful Newsletter❣️ I look forward to each new issue.

I have also signed up for your free "Greek Mythology in Ten Minutes" and enjoyed the 1st Lesson. Quick, easy, enjoyable and Educational; a perfect combination!

I especially appreciated the story of your childhood home and the IMPORTANCE of our FOUNDATIONS and the lasting impact they make upon our lives, even when we don't realize what seeds are being planted. Parents who teach in the home just by everyday actions are giving a gift to their children for which they will one day reap gratitude and thanks.

I, too, have experienced the priceless gifts of my parent's own personal talents and gifts passed on to my siblings and me. It's a beautiful thing when we come to recognize the gifts that we've been given which no money can buy!

Thank you for all the wonderful resources you offer so generously.

Hope to see you at the BRAVER ANGELS America's Public Forum: Can Art, Philosophy and Beauty Heal Our Divides? ! And, yes, I think they can. ❤️

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