NOW OPEN: Five classic books that will change your life

Enrollment for CR's first course is now OPEN - and a give away to celebrate!

Gracious reader,

I’m thrilled to share with you that Civic Renaissance’s first course—Five classic books that will change your life—is finally now open! After listening to your thoughts on what you'd like to learn together, and after working on this course for months, I’m grateful for the chance to finally share it with you.

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Upon registration, you’ll have immediate access to the first module of the course. In the first module, we’ll be exploring the nature of life, death, and the human soul through Plato’s Phaedo—one of my favorite works of all time.

In addition to the Phaedo, here are the other books we will read, and some of the ideas that we’ll explore from each.

  • Confucius’ Analects: Discovering the makings of a life well lived

  • Cicero’s On Friendship: Revealing the importance of community and friendship

  • St. Augustine’s Confessions: Reflecting on what it means to know one’s own self

  • Blaise Pascal’s Pensees: Examining the misery and greatness of man

A few important reminders about the course:

  • This course is for the curious learner who loves learning for it’s own sake. There are not grades or metrics for this course. All who enroll will be there because they want to be—because they’re eager to learn and grow in their understanding of the world around them, because they would like more beauty, goodness and truth in their lives, and because they would like to invest in their own, true education.

  • This course is for every level of learner and reader! Whether you’ve read ALL of these books before or NONE of them, we’re exploring these classic works because of the way that they can teach us something new each time they encounter them. Never heard of Plato before? That’s okay! This course is for you! Whether you’ve always wanted a liberal arts degree, or if you’re interested in the course for a student in your life—this course is for you!

  • The course is ENTIRELY self-paced! You can enjoy the readings, lectures, quizzes whenever you’d like. The live sessions will be weekly, but even if you cannot make one of our live sessions together, do not worry! It will be recorded for you to review on your own time. The time commitment is also entirely at your discretion—because again, you are taking this course because you want to! :)

  • This course is a chance to encounter five seminal books that are each an essential part of the Great Conversation—books from across time and place that explore the highest questions in life, about origin, purpose, and destiny. I want every aspect of this course to bring value to you, so the curriculum may be subject to change as I’ll be updating the content as we go in response to your feedback.

  • Enrollments will only open be open until 9pm EST Monday, August 30th, 2021—or until 200 spots are taken!

  • Enrollment is 100% RISK FREE! All Civic Renaissance courses have a satisfaction guarantee, so if for any reason you’re unsatisfied after the course ends, you’ll receive a full refund.

A give away to celebrate!

Above all, Civic Renaissance is a community of the incurably curious and lifelong learners.

To celebrate the launch of CR’s course, I’m giving away TEN copies of Learn Like a Pro: Science-Based Tools to Becoming Better at Anythinga brand new book on the art and science of learningto the first ten people that register for Five Classic Books that Will Change Your Life!

Register now!

Again, I’m capping enrollment at 200 people, so I hope you’ll consider reserving your spot today!

Stay tuned for more information throughout this week.

I’m so excited to learn with you!

Thank you again for being part of the Civic Renaissance community.

I’m so grateful you are here.