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  • The course is entirely self-paced! You can join us for our weekly conversations about the books we are reading—but they will also be recorded so that you can enjoy the books, lectures and other material at your leisure.

  • The time investment is entirely up to you! Some people spend their whole lives reading and re-reading just ONE of these books. On average, however, you can expect to spend 1-3 hours a week on this course, including reading, lectures, our discussions, and more.

  • This course is for people that would like to re-invigorate their intellectual life. It is for people who wishes to gain a solid grounding in the Great Conversation. It is for anyone who would like a little more beauty, goodness and truth in their lives.

  • Taking this course will give you an understanding of the best works of the Eastern and Western traditions alike! From Plato to Confucius, we’ll learn how and why these thinkers have nourished minds and captured imaginations for thousands of years.

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I remember the first time that I read Plato’s Phaedo—first book we are reading together. I remember feeling my soul lighten and leap as my professor in collage talked to us about the way in which the body distracts us from the life of the mine—and from more perfectly perceiving and pursuing beauty, goodness and truth.

I felt so inspired. So elevated. Reading the Phaedo, and hearing Socrates discuss the philosophic life as one free of distraction and focused on the highest things, made me want to be a better person, and dedicate my life to the ideas that mattered most.

Re-reading the Phaedo years later, I felt the same way, but it was also a different experience. I brought so much more context to the text—my life has only gotten more complicated and distracting since I was in college! Yet re-reading it gave me renewed resolve to life a life committed to the pursuit of wisdom, beauty, goodness and truth, despite the distractions inherent to modern life.

There are two definitions of a classic book.

One is a book that you’ve never read but wish you had read. :)

Another the definition of a classic book is one you can read and re-read and uncover new insights from each reading. There is something within each of the books that we will explore in this course that ensures they continues to teach us throughout our lives, and to instruct people across time and history.

One benefit of reading great books is that you can gain in one sitting ideas that someone struggled their whole lives to unpack.

That is why these books are worth of our time today. They are timeless, and yet they also speak penetratingly to us in our particular era and place.

I hope you’ll consider creating a little more time in your life for important ideas, fo things that matter, for ideas that will nourish your eternal soul.

I hope you’ll join us!

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Again, as Earl Shorris said, “The best education for the best is the best education for all.”

The books we are exploring in this course have been read by educated elites across history. But these books have important insights to offer everyone, from all walks of life—including you.

I’d love to have you join us!

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