An invitation to talk about King and the classics, what I am learning right now—and read to the end for details on a new ONE YEAR Wondrium giveaway!
Enjoy our conversation with Margaret Visser, and invitation to dialogue on Dr. King & the Classics
Dear all, I write to remind you of a special CR subscriber-only event today in only 2.5 hours: a conversation with classist and award winning writer, M…
Teaching Company giveaways, last chance to register for our conversation on manners in the ancient world with Margaret Visser tomorrow, and more!
Gracious readers, I write to invite you to a very special event this coming Saturday, Sept 25th, 2021 at 2pm EST: A conversation on ritual, manners and…
Gracious reader, Thank you for being a Civic Renaissance subscriber! As a patron of this project, you receive exclusive invitations to conversations, c…
Update on "Five classic books that will change your life"— and read to the end for this week's book give away, "How to think like Shakespeare"!
FINAL DAY: Why "Five classic books that will change your life" is for YOU
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