Gracious reader, I got to hold my book, The Soul of Civility, in my hands last week for the first time. To celebrate, and as a special thank you for being a patron of Civic Renaissance, I’d like to give you exclusive early access to an audio recorded excerpt of my book, The Soul…
The Soul of Civility Excerpt Listen now (13 min) | If you enjoyed this excerpt, please consider pre ordering the book…
An invitation for NYC area subscribers, plus a give away opportunity for everyone else!
Info on the Power of Storytelling summit, which begins TODAY!
A morally ambiguous story, overview of Wondrium episode themes, and win a yearlong Wondrium subscription / a DVD set of my series on storytelling!
How Viktor Frankl inspired me to use storytelling to redeem an early childhood trauma
Enjoy my television series for The Teaching Company and Wondrium that launches TODAY!
Gracious reader, Who are we? Why are we here? What is the best way to live? These are questions that virtual every human society has asked—and answered…
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